House Renovations

House Renovations in Highworth, Farringdon & Shrivenham


Are you tired of seeing the same four walls?

If you need a change of scenery but you’re not in a position to move house, a renovation could be the perfect way to create the house you need. House renovations typically refer to interior changes to revamp a house and they can be a low cost way of modernising or reinventing your space.


Almost every property has some potential for renovation and with a bit of imagination we can transform your home. Our team of experts will assess the design and potential of your house before committing to a home renovation and we will make sure you’re happy every step of the way. The house renovation team’s aim is to transform your home into a better living space using your personal touch and design and keep you happy by taking away the stress.


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So, you’re ready for a house renovation…

We will arrange an initial site visit consultation which will result in a no obligation quote that covers all costs. Once agreed and accepted, we’ll coordinate all aspects of your house renovation and ensure that all certificates are obtained. 


The renovation team will discuss your vision and use their expertise to draft designs and plans but also highlight any potential planning issues. Our end to end customer service means that you will always understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how we are doing it so you can feel confident throughout the renovation. 


House renovations aren’t without their fair share of surprises but you can rest assured that our team is fully equipped to deal with anything they might encounter during the project. 


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Why choose us?

If you want a fully personalised experience from start to finish with your renovation and you only want the best team with a wealth of experience to complete your work, you should choose Bob Hammond.

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